Animal Communication

Animal communication is a telepathic & empathic communication, heart to heart, soul to soul.

Telepathy is used by all the species in the world. It is an universal soul language.
All of you have already experienced it when you were baby, this is how the baby communicate with his mother. And you still use it today without realizing it, it is an extention of the intuition…

The animals communicate emotions, thoughts, pains and feelings in a non verbal way. To communicate by telepathy we will use our sens, we will receive or send : images, sounds, tastes, emotions, smells…

    Communication avec un cheval

    why communicate with your animal ?

    Joy communique télépathiquement

    The animal can feel the same range of emotions as we, humans, do. The communication enables to receive the emotions and thoughts of the animal, to understand the deep root of a behaviour, and to know his relation with his humans’ or animals’ friends.

    This language without words is a mind to mind communication and it requires inconditionnal love. Thanks to the communication you’ll be able to hear the opinion of your animal, you’ll get to truly know him from the inside : what he feels, he needs, his woes and his greeds. Communicating enable you and him to go further in the relationship and to deliver a meaningful message !

    The animal feels the same emotions as we do : love, friendship, sadness, anger, frustration, etc… but he is also full of devotion,compassion, and patience. He helps us in our daily life, more then what you think. He is our mirror and he has crossed our path for a specific reason : and he’ll be happy to tell about it.

    Throught the communication, I can help you to resolve the behaviour problems like : “peeing” in the house, anxiety when separation, aggressivness, etc. The communication can also help to detect a physical pain and help the veterinary in his diagnostic.

    And of course, the communication is very important before to take the decision of the euthanasia. If we don’t ask them, we can never know if they want to go or not.

    It is important to remind that there is three way of caring for an animal…
    1. medecine and healing techniques to keep him healthy,
    2. education and training -depending of the species- to live together in great harmony,
    3. animal communication to understand each other better
    … and we need all of them !

    How does it work ?

    First thing we do when we start a communication with an animal, we LISTEN to him, most of the time, it is the first time a human is listening to him so he is going to express spontaneously what is the most important for him at the moment of the communication. To be listened to and to be able to send a message to the person they love the most is a huge relief for them.

    Then, in a second part, we can start to ask the questions we have in mind…

    And in a last part, we find an aggreement -if we need – between the animal and his human companion. Finding a win/win solution… for the relation to be at his best…

    The communication is a way to strengthen the relation between your animal and you. A new understanding is established, heart to heart. 


    The communicator is an interpreter to enable the human and his animal evolving and growing together : side by side.
    communication animale

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