Learn how to communicate

Telepathy is a natural ability that every single human being has, at least on an inconscious level…
Animals are just like us -spiritual beings- and even if they don’t use words, they communicate throught a universal language…

Have you ever notice that your dog knows when your husband, wife, son or dauther is coming back from work a few minutes before he comes home, even when it’s not the usual time ?
Today, more and more scientists study the invisible tie that links animals, humans and even plants and other living species. (Dr Rupert Sheldrake, natural science Doctor in Cambridge has written many books about it…)

who can learn animal communication?

Joy communique télépathiquement

Everybody. What can help you before to learn ?

  • Meditation will be helpful, if you pratice meditation, you already know how to quiet and clear your mind, a skill you need to receive information from the animal, or other specie. Helpful but not necessary !!
  • Be concious in your heart that you can communicate with animals, it is NOT just for the gifted, EVERYONE can do it !

During the workshop you will learn :

What is Animal Communication ?  Theoretical Part 
  • Explanation of the how and why of Animal Communication
  • How the Animal works… on the emotional and physical level
  • Exploration of how you will receive the information from the animal
  • His relationship with his human companion &
    Explanation of the various missions the animal can have in your life
  • Diseases & Inapropriate behaviour : the Why ?
How to communicate ? Practical Part 
  • Various Relaxation and meditation exercices to relax and calm your mind in order to suceed the communications
  • Exercice : How to receive the information from the animal through your senses
  • Distant communication with an animal using a photo
  • Receive answers about your animal from another student
  • (If possible) face-to-face communication



communication animale