Communication with a baby

The energetic/intuitive communication enable me to communicate with your baby in or extra-utero, it is based on the same technic then animal communication

Telepathy is used by all the species in the world. It is an universal soul language.

All of you have already experienced it when you were baby, this is how the baby communicate with his mother. And you still use it today without realizing it, it is an extention of the intuition…


Why communicate with your baby ? 

You have a hard time dealing with your pregnancy, you are sick, anxious about the baby’s arrival ? or you are just curious to know how he/she feels ?

There is neither “good or “bad” reason to communicate, it is very natural and we all use to do it without thinking. 

Long before their arrival on Earth, children already carry our transgenerational and energetic memories. From the moment I open intuitive communication with your baby intra or extra utero, he/she can let you know – if he/she wishes – his/her personality, his/her character traits, his/her mission with his/her parents, how he/she feels. with his/her surroundings, his/her needs and desires …

It can also tell you why you are going through a particular situation: illness, family difficulty, problem sleeping, eating, anxiety, etc.


How does the communication take place ? 

  1. At first I LISTEN to him/her, most of the time, it is the first time a growing-up is listening to him/her so he/she is going to express spontaneously what is the most important for him/her at the moment of the communication.
    To be listened to and to be able to send a message to the person they love the most is a huge relief for them.

    2. Then, in a second part, we can start to ask the questions we have in mind…

    3. And in a last part, we find an agreement -if we need – between your baby and his/her parents. Finding a win/win solution… for the relation to be at his best…

    The communication is a way to strengthen the relation between your animal and you. A new understanding is established, heart to heart. 

During the session, I’ll be both your translator and therapist in order for you to find a better comprehension and an harmonious/mutual connection !

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