Animal Communication 

Animal Communication is an intuitive communication that we are all capable of doing. We simply forgot this language!

Telepathy is used by every species in the world. It is the universal language of the soul.

You have all already experienced it when you were a baby, it is the means by which the baby communicates with his mother. And you still use it today without realizing it… it’s what you could call an extension of intuition.

Animals communicate emotions, thoughts, feelings, pain in non-verbal language. To communicate intuitively, we use our senses, we send or receive: images, sounds, tastes, emotions, smells, etc.

    Communication avec un cheval

    Why you would you open a communication with your animal ?

    Joy Fromental

    Animals feel the same range of emotions as we humans do. Communication allows us to receive the emotions and thoughts of the animal in order to better understand the (deep) reason for his behavior as well as his relationship with his animal and human friends.

    This wordless language is mind-to-mind communication and it requires unconditional love. Thanks to communication you will be able to hear your animal’s opinion, really know him, know how he is inside: what he feels, his desires, his needs, etc. Communication allows you to go further in your relationship with him and send him a meaningful message!

    Animals are full of compassion, devotion and patience. They help us in our daily lives, and much more than you think… They are our mirror and they cross our path for a very specific reason: and they will be very happy to share it with you if you ask them

    Through communications, I can help you resolve behavioral problems such as: anxiety when there is separation, “wee” in the house, aggression, or any other ‘inappropriate’ behavior. Communication can also help detect physical pain or help the veterinarian in his diagnosis.

    And of course, communication is essential before making the decision to euthanize. If we do not ask the animal’s opinion, we cannot know what they want deep down…

    How does communication take place?

    For each consultation, I offer a Bach Flower composition or an energy treatment if the animal needs it.

    • I open the communication with the animal and I write down everything he wishes to express spontaneously (30min),
    • I stay connected to the animal and I will call you at our appointment time,
    • I will retransmit the communication to you,
    • We ask him your questions or answer his.

    It takes approximately 30 minutes on the phone: report and questions (this duration may vary).

    The aim of communication is to free up speech in order to understand certain inappropriate behaviors and in no way to force your animal to adopt certain behaviors. Your animal may ask you to modify his living conditions or human behaviors for his well-being and yours. If there is a compromise to be made, we will find a win-win solution for you and your pet.

    During the consultation, I am both animal interpreter and therapist to find the best solutions between you and your animal companion.

    The animal communicator is an interpreter to allow humans and animals to evolve and grow together.

    It is very important to remember that there are three ways to take care of an animal…

    1. medicine and energy healing techniques to keep him healthy
    2. education and training – depending on the species – to live in harmony together with mutual respect
    3. animal communication to better understand each other
    …and we need all three!

    communication animale
    communication animale
    communication animale
    Joy Fromental
    communication animale

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